Who we are 

Based in Portland, Oregon, Nadarra Creations was founded with the idea that superior quality tabletop gaming accessories should be not just beautiful but exceedingly functional and, most importantly, reflect a player’s individuality. We are thrilled to have created a line of dice boxes with a naturally inspired aesthetic that allow us to stick to our core value: form and function without compromise.  


How we started

The very first dice box was crafted as a gift for our favorite DM and good friend.  He needed a way to organize and transport his gaming gear more easily and in style.  After exploring many of the available options, all of which either limited the amount of gear he could bring or require that he separate it into multiple cases, he worked with us to design something special. Something not only incredibly functional, but beautiful and an expression of him.  This very first box was delivered back in June 2018 and was an instant hit.  It was clear to everyone that there was something different and special about the design and we were immediately commissioned to create several more.  We knew we were onto something and so we got to work!


What we are currently working on

Our first Kickstarter campaign launched at the end of February 2019. We hit our funding goal in 7 hours, and 30 days later were funded at 674%.   We will be working tirelessly in the workshop to fulfill the orders we received by August 2019.  This includes purchasing the additional tools needed to accommodate the remarkable number of orders we have received, and refining the manufacturing process to make it consistent and repeatable.  

While making boxes we are also working to establish and build our own website and ensure that we are laying the foundation for more exciting products and innovations down the line. Our goal is to find more ways to customize and make the highest quality products available. Why? Because we don't think you should have to settle for anything less than the best.