Standard Cherry 7" Dice Box


American Cherry has a fine grain that forms patterns that catch the eye.  We love working with Cherry and watching it darken from light pink/blonde to deeper reds over time as it's exposed to light.

The  7 inch Standard Box is designed to be the perfect size for transporting a significant amount of your game gear, while still fitting comfortably into a purse or bag.  It holds 4 sets of standard sized polyhedral dice, 1 pencil or pen and 2 standard minis with base.  

The interior pockets and lid are professionally flocked resulting in a velvety look and feel. Rolling dice in the flocked tray has an acoustically gratifying sound that will make you excited to roll again just to hear the sound!  All surfaces of the pockets are flocked to protect your gear.  We know how important it is to ensure your lucky dice are pampered. Happy Dice = Happy RPG Life.